MARILYNaus Bulgarien

Alter: 29
Gewicht: 55 kg
Größe: 172 cm

Bulgarisch - Muttersprache
Englisch - Ein wenig

Verfügbar: heute noch keinen Termin


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Kommentare MARILYN


Little Princessis is the best description for this lovely Lady. A bautiful young woman with heart and mind which knows what is good for her client. I am very happy to meet you. You makes my visit unforgettable. What a dreamlike feeling with a beautiful, tender girl. Dear Marilyn, thank you for your youthful charm and a deep kiss from me. . You are a fantastic young woman with a lot of feeling and knowledge like a philosopher. Gold fingers long for you. See you soon and thanks again!


Wieder einmal.


The new look - Princess in White - very beautiful. All stars for this nice girl. Thank you for your service yesterday. I long for our next date.


Hallo Marilyn! Thank you so much for your excellent and very sensitive service. You are a beautiful, precious young lady with a refreshing, warm and noble charisma. You are just magic. With you, it is easy to think only positiv. Stars over stars and many, many thanks for you, Little Princess.


Wieder einmal eine super Zeit gehabt, wenn es passt dann passt es eben ;-))) LG


Die Frau ist eine Weltklasse!!!


Yesterday I met the "Sweet Little Princess" Marilyn. A juwel in the Burggasse. She is such a lovely and nice girl. I think, 1000 stars are not enough for a real Princess. So, all stars of heaven for Marilyn. Danke schön!


Dear Marilyn! - My sweet, sweet little Princess, thank you for this emotional evening. Yes, you are such a lovly, pretty young girl. I like your natural perfekt boddy without tatoos and piercings. This is the body of a real Princess. The time together is a highlight in my life. For that You deserve more than 1000 stars. I hope, i can see you again next month. Have a good time at home in Bulgaria. Kiss and best wishes!


1000 and 1000 thanks and also many stars for you, Dear Marilyn!!! You are such a very nice girl with a great heart for good times. I was so surprised that you spent me the best experienc since a long time. Belive me, you are one of the stars of Burggasse. Your warm and friendly character give me great pleasure and enjoy my life. Please take care of you, you are a very valuable lovely girl. Dear visitors, pleas be sensitive and good to this juwel Marilyn. Marilyn verdient 1000 Sterne. sie ist eines der liebenswürdigsten Mädchen, die mir in der Burggasse begegnet sind. So einen herzlichen und freundlichen Charakter findet man selten. An die Besucher, bitte seid sehr einfühlsam und gut zu diesem Juwel.


Bin echt begeistert gewesen, voll bei der Sache. 5 Sterne sind echt etwas wenig ;-)


Ein super Erlebnis, mehr kann man nicht sagen.


Was soll ich sagen, wie schon berichtet, ist wie immer ein super Erlebnis. Danke, und bleib so wie du bist. :-)


Kann man nur 5 Sterne vergeben, einfach nur ein perfektes einfühlsames Service. LG